The scenes of Capuano's paper plant were filmed at the junction of Adams Street
and John Street in Brooklyn near the waterfront and East river

photos (2008)

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This entrance looks a bit odd, possibly made just for the movie

The distillerry was not filmed here

and the images of Brooklyn bridge in the window were faked

map of the area


Chambers Paper Fibres occupy the whole of this building (recent photos)

Chambers Paper Fibres are reputable paper recyclers and were established in 1896.
Since the early 1900s the mob has been involved with commercial garbage hauling
and as recently as 1992,  Rick Cowan, an undercover detective with the New York
City Police Department, witnessed the fire-bombing of one of Chambers’ truckers.

This led to his infiltration of the mafia stronghold on commercial hauling and recycling,
under the assumed identity of Danny Benedetto, the “long-lost cousin” of Sal Benedetto,
the fourth generation owner of Chambers.

The account of the mob’s involvement in waste management and paper recycling
can be learned in detail in the book Takedown, written by Rick Cowan, the undercover
detective who broke the cartel.