In Once Upon A Time In America Leone wanted changes in time or location to be marked with specific links.  Many of these links are very imaginative.

A lamp in an opium den

turns into a street light

A key at Fat Moes

links to a locker at a railway station

A Coney Island painting in 1933

Big Apple in 1968

Photograph on side of Car Rental Booth

Noodles driving a rental car to the cemetery/Fat Moe's

Old Noodles

Young Noodles

Reminiscent of Duck, You Sucker?

Not Really!

A model of saving a shipment with salt

The real thing

Max looking at an inscription

Noodles looking at an inscription

A key in the mausoleum

opens a locker at the railway station

Something whistles over Noodles' head

A hand catches it - it's a frisbee

Max offers to take Noodles' bag

Joe says "Be easy with the girl" (Carol)


The gang go swimming and their car sinks into the water

replaced with a televised image of a car being sprayed with foam

Noodles recognizes the Jimmy on TV

as the same Jimmy the gang rescued from a tank of gasoline

Crowning's men are shot

links to the popping of a cork from a champage bottle

Max & Noodles decide to go swimming again

but this time at the beach

Max's FR drawing in the sand

The Federal Reserve bank

"Crazy" Max looking at the floor

The floor of the Bailey Foundation

A photograph of Deborah

The real thing

A poster of Deborah

The real thing

Noodles looking at David

Max looking at David

Light flares off a gun

the gun goes out of focus

and introduces a montage

The rear lights of the garbage truck

turn into car headlights